Projects using Telethon

This page lists some interesting and useful real world examples showcasing what can be built with the library.


Do you have an interesting project that uses the library or know of any that’s not listed here? Feel free to leave a comment at issue 744 so it can be included in the next revision of the documentation!

You can also advertise your bot and its features, in the issue, although it should be a big project which can be useful for others before being included here, so please don’t feel offended if it can’t be here!


telethon_examples / Lonami’s site

This documentation is not the only place where you can find useful code snippets using the library. The main repository also has a folder with some cool examples (even a Tkinter GUI!) which you can download, edit and run to learn and play with them.



You can find useful short snippets for Telethon here.


telegram-export / expectocode’s GitHub

A tool to download Telegram data (users, chats, messages, and media) into a database (and display the saved data).


mautrix-telegram / maunium’s site

A Matrix-Telegram hybrid puppeting/relaybot bridge.


TelegramTUI / bad-day’s GitHub

A Telegram client on your terminal.


tgcloud / tgcloud’s site

Opensource Telegram based cloud storage.


tgmount / nktknshn’s GitHub

Mount Telegram dialogs and channels as a Virtual File System.


garnet / uwinx’s GitHub

Pomegranate (or garnet for short) is a small telethon add-on which features persistent conversations based on Finite State Machines (FSM), a new Filter to define handlers more conveniently and utilities to run code on start and finish of the client. Be sure to check the project to learn about its latest features, since this description may be out of date.


telethon-secret-chat / painor’s GitHub

This add-on can be used to work with secret chats in Telethon!