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The first alpha of Telethon v2 is here!

What a ride!

This has been a long-time coming and I am so glad I don’t need to work on the old and messy code-base anymore!

This changelog will no longer have catchy names for the different versions. It’s been a while since I was able to come up with meaningful names, anyway.

Instead of breaking down what’s new, changed, or removed from this version, there is a migration guide. Be warned, it’s a lot! But in short, this is mostly a “reset” to cut down on the bloat of the library. The library should still result familiar.

Your v1 code likely won’t be compatible with v2. However, a lot of effort has gone into making v2 type-safe. This means you can use static type-checkers to be confident you’re using the new methods correctly.

A lot of work has been put into ensuring the documentation is the best it can be. If you find any errata or confusing sections, please open a Documentation Issue.

What happens to Telethon v1 now?

Version 1 will probably be maintained for a while longer.

New layers will be released, and bugs that make it unusable fixed. As long as I have the time to do so. This will not be a priority. There is no specific end-of-life date, but it will not last forever.

No new features will be added to v1, or smaller bugs fixed. This should not be news to anyone, as it has already been the case for a while now.

You can keep using v1 for now. But a lot of work has been put into v2 and its migration guide. I hope you can take this opportunity to migrate and dust off some of your old code!

v1.x and below

The old v1 changelog is still available online. And in the history of the repository. It has been removed from the current documentation to keep it lighter.