The intention of the library is to have an existing MTProto library existing with hardly any dependencies (indeed, wherever Python is available, you can run this library).

Being written in Python means that performance will be nowhere close to other implementations written in, for instance, Java, C++, Rust, or pretty much any other compiled language. However, the library turns out to actually be pretty decent for common operations such as sending messages, receiving updates, or other scripting. Uploading files may be notably slower, but if you would like to contribute, pull requests are appreciated!

If libssl is available on your system, the library will make use of it to speed up some critical parts such as encrypting and decrypting the messages. Files will notably be sent and downloaded faster.

The main focus is to keep everything clean and simple, for everyone to understand how working with MTProto and Telegram works. Don’t be afraid to read the source, the code won’t bite you! It may prove useful when using the library on your own use cases.