Telegram API in Other Languages

Telethon was made for Python, and as far as I know, there is no exact port to other languages. However, there are other implementations made by awesome people (one needs to be awesome to understand the official Telegram documentation) on several languages (even more Python too), listed below:


Possibly the most well-known unofficial open source implementation out there by @vysheng, tgl, and its console client telegram-cli. Latest development has been moved to BitBucket.


The newest (and official) library, written from scratch, is called tdlib and is what the Telegram X uses. You can find more information in the official documentation, published here.


Ali Gasymov made the @mtproto/core library for the browser and nodejs installable via npm.

painor is the primary author of gramjs, a Telegram client implementation in JavaScript.


Kotlogram is a Telegram implementation written in Kotlin (one of the official languages for Android) by @badoualy, currently as a beta– yet working.


Taas is a service that lets you use Telegram API with any HTTP client via API. Using tdlib under the hood, Taas is commercial service, but allows free access if you use under 5000 requests per month.


A PHP implementation is also available thanks to @danog and his MadelineProto project, with a very nice online documentation too.


A fairly new (as of the end of 2017) Telegram library written from the ground up in Python by @delivrance and his Pyrogram library. There isn’t really a reason to pick it over Telethon and it’d be kinda sad to see you go, but it would be nice to know what you miss from each other library in either one so both can improve.


The grammers library is made by the same author as Telethon’s! If you are looking for a Telethon alternative written in Rust, this is a valid option!

Another older, work-in-progress implementation, on Rust is made by @JuanPotato under the fancy name of Vail.