Wall of Shame

This project has an issues section for you to file issues whenever you encounter any when working with the library. Said section is not for issues on your program but rather issues with Telethon itself.

If you have not made the effort to 1. read through the docs and 2. look for the method you need, you will end up on the Wall of Shame, i.e. all issues labeled “RTFM”:

rtfm Literally “Read The F–king Manual”; a term showing the frustration of being bothered with questions so trivial that the asker could have quickly figured out the answer on their own with minimal effort, usually by reading readily-available documents. People who say”RTFM!” might be considered rude, but the true rude ones are the annoying people who take absolutely no self-responibility and expect to have all the answers handed to them personally.

“Damn, that’s the twelveth time that somebody posted this question to the messageboard today! RTFM, already!”

by Bill M. July 27, 2004

If you have indeed read the docs, and have tried looking for the method, and yet you didn’t find what you need, that’s fine. Telegram’s API can have some obscure names at times, and for this reason, there is a “question” label with questions that are okay to ask. Just state what you’ve tried so that we know you’ve made an effort, or you’ll go to the Wall of Shame.

Of course, if the issue you’re going to open is not even a question but a real issue with the library (thankfully, most of the issues have been that!), you won’t end up here. Don’t worry.

Current winner

The current winner is issue 213:


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Winner issue


alt:Winner issue answer

Winner issue answer